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Fall Parade of Homes Starts Sat. (Sept. 8)

Practice Tips for Newer — and Not-So-New — Twin Cities Buyers’ Agents What does the Fall 2018 Parade of Homes ” set to start this Saturday (September 8) in the Twin Cities ” have to do with passing out Realtor business cards? Just this:  if a Buyer you’re working with goes through a Parade home and decides to...
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End of an Uptown Icon

Sons of Norway Building (b. 1962; d. 2018) No, it wasn’t historically designated, or otherwise especially memorable. But, for long-time Twin Cities residents (I qualify), the six(?) story Sons of Norway building at Lake and Humboldt still qualified as a local landmark going back . . . as long as I can remember. In my own case, I...
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“Tall Skinny” — Housing Market Edition

Make That, “Double Skinnies” I thought a “tall skinny” was a Starbucks drink. Apparently, it’s also what people in Nashville call a newly-built, upper bracket home shoehorned into a narrow lot that invariably sits next to its twin — both of which were carved out of a bigger lot after the previous home was torn down....
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Green Means “Go?” Not by Lake Calhoun During Rush Hour

More People Living — & Working — by the Lakes? “You Betcha!” Once upon a time, on an especially nice weekday in Spring or Summer, the traffic heading east to Lake Calhoun would back up a couple blocks during rush hour. No more. Now, it’s practically year-round, both directions — at least any time the windchill...
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Parsing the Buyer Lament, “I (Just) Can’t Find What I’m Looking For!”

The Unmotivated Unrealistic Buyer, Circa 2017, or, “Waiting for Godot, Home Buyer Version” In a housing market characterized by an ongoing, acute shortage of inventory, it’s an all too familiar lament:  frustrated Buyers (and Buyers’ agents) who bemoan that they “just can’t find what they’re looking for.” I’m certainly sympathetic — to a point. However,...
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“Cut to the Chase” Real Estate Marketing

Where:  near Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. When:  Labor Day Weekend, 2017. What:  under construction townhome. How much:  no idea. You’ve got to hand it to the listing agent for this Philadelphia townhome:  their sign “made ‘ya look.” While there’s obviously more to real estate sales than that . . . it’s a good start!
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