The OTHER Kind of Pre-List Interest (Hint: They’re Not Representing Buyers)

Which “Hat” is the Other Agent Wearing? Well before a home comes on the market these days, good listing agents (representing the Seller) “prime the pump” with an aggressive, pre-list marketing campaign. That includes using the new “Coming Soon” status on MLS; exposing the home on Edina Realty’s agents-only “Network One” (note: be sure to...
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Buyer Need (MY Buyer!!): Large Condo Near City Lakes, the Mississippi River (Downtown Minneapolis), or West ‘Burbs

Desired Spec’s:  Over 2,200 Finished Square Feet; Near City Lakes or Miss. River; Up to $900k — Nice View(s) a Plus! What:  large (over 2,200 finished square feet) condo with nice view(s); in very good condition (cosmetic updates only). Where:  Downtown Minneapolis (near River); City Lakes; or west ‘burbs (Edina, Wayzata, Minnetonka, St. Louis Park,...
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“Long-Time Buyer Need” and Other Real Estate Euphemisms

To be sure, there are some needle-in-the-haystack properties that truly require Buyer — and Buyer’s agent — patience to find. In the Twin Cities, that includes bigger, updated condo’s near the Lakes (the developers are all building luxury apartments); waterfront estates on Lake Minnetonka; and downtown Minneapolis condo’s with views and over 1,500 square feet...
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Campaign Finance Reform in One, Easy-to-Remember Syllogism (Huh?!?)

Devil in Details?  Maybe Not See if you can track what is — at least to me — the unassailable logic of the following, three-part syllogism (a logical proof favored by ancient Greek philosophers). Don’t worry; if you get stumped, I’ll help you out. #1. The airwaves are a public asset that government, representing the people, licenses to...
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Buyer Price Ranges: Good, Better, Best

“I Think My Seller Can Work With That” I received an email the other day from a local agent networking a Buyer need for a nicely updated condo near the (City) Lakes with at least 2,000 square feet; lake and/or skyline views; and 2 heated parking spaces — all in a building with good amenities....
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4 Post-New Year’s Deals; Average Market Time? .25(!) Days (Note the Decimal)

Pre-Market and Off-Market Sales Barely over one month into the New Year, my clients are in the middle of four different deals. Deal #1 is an expired listing that had been rented for the last year, where an interested Buyer popped up after Jan. 1 to inquire about the home’s availability. Fortuitously, the about-to-expire lease...
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