National Geographic

“There’s No Place Like Home”: Garrison Keillor’s Homage to the Twin Cities in National Geographic

“Forgiveness + Understanding = Home” When I think of National Geographic magazine, I think of exotic locales and subjects like Icelandic volcanoes, African pygmies, and remote Tibetan villages (are there any other kind?). Not the Twin Cities and its denizens. No matter. The current issue (February 2014) features simply one of the best pieces about...
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“Facts” Everyone Knows That Are Wrong

“Trees Don’t Grow to the Sky” (Do They??) True or  false:  “trees don’t grow to the sky.” Answer:  false (sort of). While it turns out that giant Sequoia’s don’t in fact keep growing vertically, they do keep growing horizontally. That is, their trunks keep growing (also their branches and limbs). 3,200 Years Old Young How...
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