Dispatch from Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh

When you’re Jewish, the proverbial “six degrees of separation” seldom apply. In reality, it’s often two degrees, or even one. The missive below is from my wife’s best friend growing up (and still one of her closest friends), who lives in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood, down the block from where 11 Jews were murdered in...
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Closure for Jacob Wetterling Family After 27 Years

Multiple, Unconscionable Crimes In my mind if not in the eyes of the criminal justice system, Jacob Wetterling’s murderer is guilty of not one but two, equally heinous crimes:  1) abducting, molesting, and killing 11 year-old Jacob Wetterling in 1989; and 2) lying about his knowledge of the boy’s whereabouts for 27 years, thereby denying closure and...
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“Is this what you want, Lester? Is . . this . . what . . you . . want? Yes or no?”

The Most Chilling Crime Scene Since “The Usual Suspects” Lorne Malvo:  “Is this what you want, Lester?  Is . . this . . what . . you . . want?  Yes, or no?” Lester Nygaard:  “Yes.” Such is the chilling exchange/showdown between “heavy” Lorne Malvo and once-upon-a-time good guy(?) and former milquetoast Lester Nygaard in the...
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Lake Calhoun Tableaus

Good & Evil at the Same Spot, Days Apart The Northwest corner of Lake Calhoun (pictured on this blog’s masthead, and at right) was the scene of two very different incidents this week. The first one occurred Monday night around 10 p.m., when a gang member was apparently ambushed and killed just off the lake’s...
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