multiplier effect

“Getting Light Rail Right”: a Recommendation

(Because) Ugly is Forever As a long-time Minneapolis resident, homeowner, taxpayer, parent, parent of a serious teenage bicyclist, local Realtor, native Minnesotan, U of MN alum, arts and culture patron, Cedar Lake neighbor (and maybe a few other hats I can’t think of at the moment), there are few people with more of a vested...
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Is Apple’s Stock a Quasi-Currency?

iPhone 5 as Economic Stimulus (Note the Multiplier Effect) So, there appears to be a debate these days about whether the debut of Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone 5 can do what the Federal Reserve cannot:  provide a genuine stimulus to the U.S. (if not) global economy. Put me squarely in the “affirmative” camp. That’s because cumulative...
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Housing Multiplier Effect

“Revenue-Positive” Fiscal StimulusGive a too-big-to-fail financial institution $1 of taxpayer money, and what do they do with it? As best I can tell, one of two things: 1) lend it back to the government for (risk-free) interest; or 2) borrow $10 more against it, then bet all $11 in the credit derivatives market. Of course,...
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Cisco for General Motors

Economic Watersheds & Financial Footprints If you follow the Dow Jones Average, you know that General Motors was recently dropped for Cisco Systems (and Citigroup for Travelers). Locally, there is an echo of this “changing of the guard”: the old Ford Motor dealership in St. Louis Park, near 36th St. and Highway 100, is out,...
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