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Twin Cities Spring 2014 Housing Market: What’s Trending Now

Putting the Squeeze on Realtor Commissions?? Realtors track the housing market all sorts of ways. In my case, that includes monitoring the activity of my own listings; reading widely, both housing-related material and not; noting what I observe showing homes to my Buyer clients; and listening to what’s being discussed at the various Realtor meetings I attend weekly....
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More Deals (& More Busted Deals?) This Spring

Most Popular Blog Post:  ‘Statutory Cancellation for Beginners’ When it comes to Web popularity, “going viral,” etc., there is certainly a virtuous circle phenomenon at work. Namely, the more people read a post, the higher-ranked (and more visible) it becomes, which in turn assures even more hits. That said, the most popular post on this...
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