mortgage securitization

Half-Time at “The Crash of ’08”

Wall Street:  Tens of Billions  Everyone Else:  Trillions . . . in Debt If you are just joining The Crash of ’08 “in progress” (as it were), here’s where things stand: Wide swaths of the country are broke. Their houses are underwater, their jobs (if they have them) are under pressure, and their savings (if they have them)...
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2011 Housing Market: Déjà Vu or Vuja De?

Netflix at 150x Trailing Earnings?  No Thanks  “Vuja de“:  the distinct sense that somehow, something that just happened has never happened before. Nothing seems familiar. And then suddenly the feeling is gone. –George Carlin Worried about an overheated stock market, the smart money took some of their chips off the table, and started moving it...
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