Home Security: Back to the Future (No Monthly Subscription Required)

A Win For the Luddites (or, ARE They??) What if there was a home security system that had all of the following virtues: it was simple and easy-to-use; (very) cheap; crash-proof; hack-proof; and never needed a software patch, update, or monthly subscription? (see, “very cheap”). Fortunately, there is. Give up? It’s called, “a key” (or,...
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“Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!”

Home Buyer — and Buyer’s Agent — Beware According to reliable sources (as they say), it’s officially now happened at least twice in the Twin Cities:  a homeowner with electronic monitoring eavesdropped on Buyers viewing their home during a showing — and what they overheard influenced their selling decision. Surprisingly, the overheard comments cut both...
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Who’s Checking on That Vacant, “For Sale” Home??

Practicing an Ounce of Prevention If the answer to that question is “no one” — or at least, not regularly — it’s imperative that the owner do one of the following (at least if their home happens to be located in Minnesota and it’s winter): –Winterize the home (shut off the water and drain the...
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