Molly Goenner

Gauging How Seasoned the Realtor is: Three Metrics Besides “Years in the Biz”

  Sure, sure, “how many years someone has been in the business” is a rough proxy for how experienced a particular Realtor is. That’s especially so in a field where something like 90% of new entrants last less than two years. But, I’d argue, there are three other metrics that more accurately capture how seasoned/skilled...
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2019 Edina Realty “Circle” Awards

Realtor Bragging Rights Professionals who are coached from Day #1 in the business never to be “secret agents” can hardly be expected to be shy when they receive a sales honor. Especially one as meaningful and hard-earned as an Edina Realty “Circle” award, handed out annually to the company’s top agents (mine is pictured above). “Birds...
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What Do the Tallest Points in Florida, Denmark, and Hennepin County All Have in Common?

“Viewed From a Corvette”:  Bush Lake Ski Jump in West Bloomington (no, that’s not it in the photo) So, what do the tallest points in those three places have in common? They’re all buildings. Or, in the case of Hennepin County, more accurately, “structures.” Exhibit A: the Bush Lake ski jump in West Bloomington, the...
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Can Sellers Continue to Show Their Home Until the Buyer Removes Their Inspection Contingency?

The Case of the Mysteriously Missing Inspection Clause “Seller Shall/Shall not have the right to continue to offer the Property for sale until this Inspection Contingency is removed.” –old Minnesota Residential Purchase Agreement, lines 192. – 193. [Editor’s Note:  The views expressed here are solely those of Ross Kaplan, and do not represent Edina Realty, Berkshire...
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