MLS typo

Huge Kenwood Townhome for $6,900?!?

My first thought was, it must be a typo — as in, they must have meant $690,000. Even then, that would be a (stunningly) cheap price for a smashing, contemporary condo with 4 Bedrooms/5 Baths and over 5,600 finished square feet — all just up the street from the Walker and Loring Park on Minneapolis’ Kenwood Parkway...
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From $84.490 MILLION to $844,900

That’s One Helluva Price Reduction $83 million-plus price reductions — at least in the Twin Cities — do tend to catch your eye. The obvious explanation in this case (for a condo in the former Whitney Hotel along the Mississippi)? Data entry error.  The correct — and MUCH lower asking price — popped up on MLS about...
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MLS Typo’s

“But the Floor Plan’s Open!” Foundation Size:   84 –new MLS listing (5/25/11) I’m pretty sure there are no homes with 84 square foot foundations out there — at least ones that don’t have wheels on them, or aren’t intended for dolls (if you don’t know square feet, 84′  is about the size of a large Dining Room...
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