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“C-SOAP” (It’s Probably Not What You Think)

Real Estate Acronyms 101 Thrown by an unfamiliar acronym, I just got off the phone with Northstar MLS, who helpfully cleared things up. It turns out that “C-SOAP” stands for “Contingent on the Sale of Another Property.” The status isn’t new, just the acronym (in the last month, in fact). MLS Status So, “C-SOAP” refers...
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“Days on Market” vs. “CDOM” vs. “History”

Parsing MLS Lingo One of the more confusing concepts on MLS is “Days on Market” vs. “CDOM” (Cumulative Days on Market) vs. “History.” Initially, it’s pretty straightforward:  after 30 days on the market, a given listing’s “Days on Market” is  . . . surprise! . . . 30; CDOM is 30; and “History” shows one...
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Suggestion for MLS

Once upon a time, when “MF” really had no other connonation, it was fine to abbreviate “Multi-Family” as “MF.” However, as real estate get both “younger” and more online, I suspect that “MF” is increasingly associated with another, not-so-nice definition. So, here’s my advice to MLS:  time to retire “MF,” and substitute “Duplex,” “Triplex,” and...
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