The New York Times’ “What You Get” Feature: Misleading Real Estate Statistics

Mixing Apples and Oranges Are real estate prices in rural South Dakota and Mississippi really twice as much as in Dallas? That’s the takeaway, at least superficially, from a NYT piece profiling homes in South Dakota, Mississippi, and Dallas that are all now on the market for around $800k. Prices Per Square Foot; “A Creek...
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Minneapolis vs. Miami vs. Malibu (“3 M’s”)

A Tale of Two Cities Three Waterfronts [Editor’s Note:  while I know my hometown, Minneapolis, quite well, I’m less familiar with Miami and Malibu.  What I know about the latter two is based on brief visits and articles I’ve read.] While featuring different styles and sensibilities (not to mention very different climates), somewhat surprisingly, Minneapolis, Miami,...
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Houseboat(?) For Sale

  The Ultimate Lake Calhoun Listing Yes, there are cities where people can live on the water (the Hudson on the west side of Manhattan comes to mind; I’d certainly guess that that’s a housing option in New Orleans as well). But, as far as I know, the Twin Cities isn’t one of them. That’s...
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