California Closets & Florida Ceilings

“You Say To-may-toe, I Say To-mah-toe” (sort of) If there’s such as thing as “California closets” (there is), why can’t there be “Florida ceilings?” At least, that’s what my now-12 year old daughter used to think. Geographic Adjectives; “Do-I-Haf-Ta?!?” It turns out that what she mistook for “Florida” was actually “floor to, presumably as in “floor-to-ceiling windows,” “floor-to-ceiling...
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“Heads Up” to Marketers Targeting Twin Cities Agents: That’s “e-Dine”-ah Realty,” Not “e-deen-ah”

Also Wrong:  EE-Deen′-ah Realty “All Politics is Local.” –House Speaker Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill Like politics, all real estate advertising is local, too (at least for individual agents if not brokers). In other words, there’s not much reason for a Twin Cities Realtor to market their services to consumers in Denver or Atlanta or Boston (note:  Realtors do...
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