MInnesota Governor

Minnesota Plays Host to TWO Super Bowls in 2018

Football . . . and Politics Everyone — or at least football fans — know that Minneapolis plays host to Super Bowl 52 (“LII”) on February 4 next year. So, what’s “Minnesota Super Bowl #2?” November 6, 2018. That’s when Minnesota elects two U.S. Senators and a governor, in a Midwestern state that Democrats must...
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"So THAT’S Who’s Running for Governor!"

The (Lawn Sign) Tide Recedes First, a bit of explanation: thanks to the miracle of recorded TV and zipping/zapping, I watched virtually NO TV political commercials this election season. Second, I get almost all my news online, and have for years; so, I’ve become very good at tuning out all the commercial noise on the...
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(Long Past) Time For Instant Run-Off Voting!

Dayton – Emmer Recount Twice in two years, Minnesota is mired in what could be a messy, protracted statewide election recount. It didn’t have to be this way. “Instant run-off voting” — also known as “ranked-choice voting” — would have resolved the gubernatorial race by Wednesday morning. No expensive legal challenges. No cross-allegations of balloting...
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"Hand me Down" Political Slogans

Somebody’s Got it Wrong If you don’t live in Minnesota, you’re excused for not knowing that our Governor, Tim Pawlenty, is not standing for re-election, and is instead running for President. His platform: he cleaned up the mess at the (state) Capitol, imposed fiscal discipline, and united both parties — and can do the same...
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