Minnesota Fall

I Know Why That Upper Lip is Stiff (It’s Frozen!)

Stoic Minnesotans, Mid-Fall 2018 Edition What do Minnesotans say when overnight low’s — in mid-November! — drop into the single digits? (never mind that the windchill Friday night was below zero). No, not “OMG, it’s #@%$# cold!!” Try, “It’s getting kinda  . . . chilly out there” (yup, “chilly”). That’s it. If that seems crazy to...
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Racing to Line Up Contractors Before Winter (Huh?!?)

Worrying About Snow & Ice When It’s 100º With Twin Cities temps hovering in the mid-to-high 90’s this past week and Labor Day Weekend not even past, it may seem odd to note approaching Fall work deadlines. But it’s true. While many roofers will work through the winter, good ones will stop for the season...
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Minnesota’s Four Seasons

“White,” “Green,” “Fall Colors” — & “Brown” Non-residents may think Minnesota only has one season:  winter. Locals sometimes joke that there are actually two:  winter and road construction (the same people suggest that Minnesota’s state bird is the mosquito). However, in addition to marking the seasonal ebb and flow by the calendar and thermometer, I keep track...
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