Minneapolis window wash

Best Time of Year to Wash Windows in Minnesota? Two (or is it Three?) Schools of Thought

When it comes to the best time of year to wash a home’s windows in the Upper Midwest, there seem to be (at least) two schools of thought: School #1: Spring-Summer is best (the most popular view). That’s because that’s when there is the most daylight ” over 15 1/2 hours locally on June 21...
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Quick! How Many Windows Do You See?

Window Washing “Gotcha’s, or, Avoiding a Paneful Bill (Sorry) How many windows do you count in the bay window pictured above? A. One. B. Ten. C. Sixty. D. One hundred and twenty. Most people would say they’re looking at a single, bay window. A smaller subset might say they see two rows of five windows, for...
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