Minneapolis teardown

Endangered Species: Fern Hill Ramblers on .25 Acre (or more) Lots

High Demand Location Close to Lakes, Parks & Downtown Minneapolis Once upon a time — like, 1980 — there were about 50 ramblers on large lots in St. Louis Park’s Fern Hill neighborhood. Today? I’d estimate that there are only about 30 left — make that, 29 after the recent bulldozing of 2512 Inglewood (photo,...
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“Tiny House” Multiple Choice: How Much for This 1922 Minneapolis Home with 1 Bedroom/1 Bath, 400 FSF?

“Location” x 3 Quick! Test your knowledge of today’s Twin Cities housing market, and guess how much this Spartan-looking, 400 square foot cottage in South Minneapolis is listed for: A. $89k B. $149k C. $249k D. $400k Before I give the answer, here are a couple clues: —-The property is located just west of Cedar...
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(More) Signs of a Hot Twin Cities Housing Market

List Price Multiple Choice This is a two-parter. Question #1:  The list price for this Twin Cities 4 BR/2 Bath 1950’s rambler — new on the market last Friday (3/24) — is . . . A. $219,900k B. $299,900 C. $425,000 D. $619,900 Answer:  “D.” Question #2:  the reason it’s likely to get that amount...
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Fallout From Minneapolis Moratorium on Redevelopment

Sizing Up Likely Winners and Losers With the dust literally still settling on the Minneapolis City Council’s March 7 decision to temporarily halt teardowns, it’s premature to sort out all the consequences. But, here’s my preliminary take on likely “winners” and “losers”: Losers: –Buyers and Sellers currently under contract for teardown homes in Minneapolis; –Prospective Minneapolis teardown Sellers; –Minneapolis-focused...
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