March 16, 2014

Fallout From Minneapolis Moratorium on Redevelopment

Sizing Up Likely Winners and Losers With the dust literally still settling on the Minneapolis City Council’s March 7 decision to temporarily halt teardowns, it’s premature to sort out all the consequences. But, here’s my preliminary take on likely “winners” and “losers”: Losers: –Buyers and Sellers currently under contract for teardown homes in Minneapolis; –Prospective Minneapolis teardown Sellers; –Minneapolis-focused...
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“Live” vs. “Dead” Documents (Huh?!?)

Fill Out the Form and Forget it?  Not Necessarily OK, there’s no such thing as a “living, breathing document” — with the possible exception of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, etc. What I have in mind, though — at least in the context of residential real estate — are contracts/disclosures where one party...
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Too Expensive to Update, Not Cheap Enough to Tear Down

Stuck in the Middle:  the Plight of the “Near Tear-Down” While Twin Cites developers — and their clients — are once again on the prowl for tear-downs, unfortunately for would-be Sellers of such homes, not everything qualifies. In particular, a great many homes fall into a broad gray area, where they’re too expensive for many...
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