Minneapolis open house

The Surprise Visitor at Realtor Open Houses This Fall (at least in Minnesota)

Fall, 2020 Open House Multiple Choice Quick! Guess which of the following is liable to show up at Realtor open houses this Fall: A. “Nosy Neighbors.” B. Serious Buyers. C. People looking for interior decorating ideas. D. Prospective home sellers interviewing agents to sell their home next year (without telling the Realtor that’s what they’re...
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Open House Banner Ads – Analog Version

New & Improved (& Bigger!) Once upon a time, the only kind of banner ad was . . . a real, live banner (usually made out of weather-resistant nylon). With the advent of the Internet, banner ads took on a new, digital meaning:  a horizontal ad spanning the top of your computer screen. Starting this Spring,...
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Saturday(!) Open House Stampede

Current Twin Cities Inventory of “For Sale” Homes:  < 9,000 Units** Exactly how tight is the Twin Cities housing market at the moment? So tight that Saturday open houses are mobbed, never mind Sunday. One Edina Realty – City Lakes agent reported that 60 people came through her Saturday open last weekend. **At the peak...
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