February 14, 2017

Saturday(!) Open House Stampede

Current Twin Cities Inventory of “For Sale” Homes:  < 9,000 Units** Exactly how tight is the Twin Cities housing market at the moment? So tight that Saturday open houses are mobbed, never mind Sunday. One Edina Realty – City Lakes agent reported that 60 people came through her Saturday open last weekend. **At the peak...
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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Present

Forget the Flowers & Candy Want to make it a REALLY memorable Valentine’s Day? Buy your significant other a house! Although I’ve never had clients who celebrated that way, I’m guessing that they’re out there, somewhere.   🙂 P.S.:  I have had clients who purchased a home to celebrate a major birthday or anniversary —...
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“Splitting the Difference” & Other Negotiating Tactics

Real Estate Negotiating Principles “Whomever speak first [in a negotiation] . . . loses.” –Anonymous “Whomever proposes “splitting the difference” in a negotiation stands to get the better bargain.” –Corollary, Ross Kaplan Veteran negotiators will attest to the truth of the first statement:  if you speak first, you never find out if the other side...
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