Minneapolis home sale

“Multiple Offer” Multiple Choice: Can You Guess the Tiebreaker??

See if you can guess which of the following contractual terms reportedly clinched the sale for the winning bidder in a recent Twin Cities multiple offer battle: A. Purchase price was $10k higher. B. Closing date was flexible. C. They waived the Buyer’s home inspection. D. They assumed a $600 pending city assessment. Correct answer:...
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Point(s) of Maximum Vulnerability in a Home Sale

Multiple Offers, Momentum Shifts, etc. Unbeknownst to laymen, there is a predictable ebb and flow in the course of each housing transaction, whereupon each side is most (and least) vulnerable to the other. For a Buyer, the point of maximum vulnerability comes early: that would be after they have verbally come to terms to buy...
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Confident Comp’s: Not Shying Away From Less Valuable “Sold’s”

Guilt by Association?  Not Necessarily As a listing agent trying to make sure their client’s home appraises, I know the concern:  if the Comp’s you provide to the Appraiser are all less valuable than your client’s home (known as the “subject property”), they’ll drag its price down, too. Not necessarily. Step #1 is to realize that...
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