Minneapolis Armory

Downtown Minneapolis, T-minus-3 Hours to Super Bowl 52

If you thought Downtown Minneapolis this afternoon would be swarming with football fans, traffic (lots of buses!), security, and even small aircraft overhead (towing giant advertising banners), you’d be only half right. Specifically, the eastern half. The other side of downtown — west of Hennepin Ave., including the North Loop — was surprisingly empty. Added bonus:  lots of free(!)...
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“Contagion” Movie Review: Minneapolis as (Fictional) Ground Zero

Would That Be Product Un-Placement?  It’s disconcerting enough to see the (all too) realistic depiction of social breakdown, martial law, etc. that follow in the wake of a nightmarish global health epidemic. However, when the one of the cities so portrayed is Minneapolis . . . it’s almost literally a little too close to home. Story...
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