Memorial Day

Closed Memorial Day: Costco

Unfamiliar Sight:  Empty Store and Parking Lot During Daylight Hours You know a retail store is popular when a steady stream of cars pulls up in front, and is momentarily frustrated/perplexed by the sight of an empty Costco store and parking lot — a store that might otherwise have thousands of people and hundreds of...
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Memorial Day in Southeastern Minnesota

“Living in Harmony” (Harmony, Minnesota) One of the first things that hits you spending Memorial Day in Southeastern Minnesota (variously known as “Bluff Country,” “the trout fishing capital of Minnesota” — or “the sticks”) is all the flags on display. Not just at the Courthouse and City Hall, but in front of virtually every store and...
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Post-Memorial Day (Consumer) Tides

“It Was the Best of Times,It Was the Worst of Times” Best time to buy airplane tix online? Tuesday a.m. after Memorial Day weekend, when everyone just finished traveling (and isn’t thinking about booking future trips). Worst time to get a car wash? Tuesday a.m. after Memorial Day weekend, when everyone who went up to...
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Gas Prices & Memorial Day

Dropping Prices: Two Theories I put it in the same category as a 50 degree day in January (at least in Minnesota), or the movie theatre with the popular new movie — and no lines: a welcome development, to be sure, but one that’s still slightly unnerving. What am I referring to? The rather steep...
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