May 28, 2018

Small Word, LOTS of Meanings: “On”

It’s not unusual for the same word to have multiple meanings. “Aloha” is Hawaiian for both “hello” and “goodbye.” In Hebrew, “shalom” means “hello” and “goodbye” — and “peace.” But, no single English word I’m aware of has more protean meanings than the word “on.” I catalog no less than 27(!) discrete definitions. Consider: One. Throwing down the gauntlet...
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Closed Memorial Day: Costco

Unfamiliar Sight:  Empty Store and Parking Lot During Daylight Hours You know a retail store is popular when a steady stream of cars pulls up in front, and is momentarily frustrated/perplexed by the sight of an empty Costco store and parking lot — a store that might otherwise have thousands of people and hundreds of...
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