math challenged

“Earn $1.50 for Completing Your First Survey”

Soliciting Customer Feedback From the Math-Challenged Of course, the email solicitation didn’t say the airline would pay customers $1.50 to complete its survey. Instead, it offered “250 bonus miles.” But, do the math — I did — and that comes to a rather measly $1.50 (that’s what you get when you divide $300 by 50,000 points, then multiply by...
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Credit Card Come-On’s Prey on the Math-Challenged

3,000 Bonus Points vs. $60 Quick! Which sounds more valuable? Sixty dollars, or 3,000 bonus points? If you guessed the latter, you’d have lots of company — and be flat wrong (at least, according to the terms of a year-end credit card promotion I just received). Conversion Confusion Assuming 15,000 points converts into a $300...
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