marketing language

“Attention Rehabbers: Not For the Timid!”

Getting the Warts Out of the Way, aka Setting Buyer Expectations Appropriately “ATTN REHABBERS: THIS NEEDS WORK; NOT FOR THE TIMID. SOLD IN “AS IS” CONDITION.” –excerpt, MLS Listing for 4-plex in Minneapolis’ Wedge neighborhood You can certainly overdo it, but I actually endorse what this listing agent is up to:  namely, announcing (literally in...
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Now, THAT’S What I Call ‘Truth in Sale of Housing’*

Deciphering “Realtor-Speak” “Tax Rex auto-fill mls as 4BR. 2nd BR on main used as TV room. Tax Rex say 2022 FSF I say 1,697. Upstairs BR has sitting room of 8×6.9 with cozy Window Seat. No RR’s just G-ma’s Cosmetics! SOLID HOME! Late April Close Needed for Estate Sale. AS-IS!” –Excerpt, MLS listing Need some...
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Ill-Considered Sales Pitches

“So, You’re Selling . . . . a Worm??” Given my job in real estate sales, I’m on the receiving end of any number of sales pitches. Some are quite professional; others, well, less so. An example of the latter would be this one, from my in-box earlier this week: “I am hereby offering my...
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Not Exactly Gilding the Lily

“Let Us Know If You Want to Buy One” In a Buyer’s market, it’s hardly unusual for home sellers to practically scream their virtues — and lots of them. And then there’s this sign outside a Delano broker’s office that I drove past today (Delano is about 30 miles west of downtown Minneapolis). “We have...
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