March 1, 2010

Not Exactly Gilding the Lily

“Let Us Know If You Want to Buy One” In a Buyer’s market, it’s hardly unusual for home sellers to practically scream their virtues — and lots of them. And then there’s this sign outside a Delano broker’s office that I drove past today (Delano is about 30 miles west of downtown Minneapolis). “We have...
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Ahead for Berkshire Hathaway: Utility-Like Returns?

Warren Buffett’s 2009 Annual Letter Investors who expect Berkshire Hathaway’s future performance to match its historic returns are guaranteed to be disappointed. So who is the author of the above quote (paraphrase actually)? Some money manager or securities analyst trying to making their “bones” with a rare “sell” call on Berkshire Hathaway? (Full disclosure: Berkshire...
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