market manipulation

You Say “Financial Repression,” I Say “Market Manipulation”

What Happens When Artificially Low Interest Rates . . . . . Rise? Does “financial repression” have a better ring to it than “market manipulation?” If so, you’ll like this piece from today’s Wall Street Journal Op-Ed page: However well-intentioned, the Federal Reserve’s continued purchase of long-term Treasury securities risks camouflaging the country’s true cost of...
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IPO’s, REO’s & Market Manipulation

Bank Foreclosure Sales Recall ’90’s IPO’s We’ve seen this movie before. Specifically, many of the practices embraced today by banks selling foreclosures, or Real Estate Owned (“REO”), echo tactics used by Wall Street more than a decade ago to sell “hot” tech IPO’s (“initial public offerings”). Consider these 3 parallels: One. Artificially low prices. At...
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