June 30, 2009

IPO’s, REO’s & Market Manipulation

Bank Foreclosure Sales Recall ’90’s IPO’s We’ve seen this movie before. Specifically, many of the practices embraced today by banks selling foreclosures, or Real Estate Owned (“REO”), echo tactics used by Wall Street more than a decade ago to sell “hot” tech IPO’s (“initial public offerings”). Consider these 3 parallels: One. Artificially low prices. At...
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Spec Builders Play it Safe(r)

More Singles & Doubles, Fewer Home Runs Baseball batters facing a strong pitcher and defense adjust by hitting for singles and doubles rather than home runs. Similarly, in a tough economy, more builders and contractors appear to be adjusting by hitting economic “singles” and “doubles” rather than home runs. So, instead of paying $400k-$600k for...
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