Market bottom

Calling a Housing Market Bottom

More Twin Cities Housing Indicators Flash “Green” The “housing-has-bottomed” camp has some fresh, new ammunition. At the top of the list is an excellent post by Edina Realty colleague (and fellow blogger) Aaron Dickinson, marshalling a wealth of Twin Cities housing data that cumulatively makes a single point:  the local housing market is stronger than...
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Housing Market 20-20 (Hindsight) Vision

“Has Your Housing Market Hit Bottom?”  and Other Disingenuous Questions Making money in the stock market is easy:  only buy stocks that go up.  If they don’t go up, don’t buy ’em. –Mark Twain One of my biggest peeves as a Realtor is disingenuous articles that suggest that calling housing market tops and bottoms — and...
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Fern Hill Ascendant

The Market Bottoms . . in Fern Hill The first hint of a bottom came around Thanksgiving, when this non-descript rambler in St. Louis Park’s Fern Hill neighborhood came on the market for $189,900. What happened next could only be described as a feeding frenzy: 17 offers in less than 72 hours, with the winning...
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Record "Housing Affordability"

Has Housing Hit Bottom?Key Metric Says “Maybe” Falling prices plus low interest rates equals improved housing affordability, right? Maybe. Even if it does, however, Buyers may be too gun-shy at the moment for that to matter. According to the four local realtor associations, the Twin Cities’ Housing Affordability Index (“HAI“) is now at 192, the...
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