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The “Non-Conforming Bedroom” Catch-all

Missing by a Little ” or a Lot? What does a “non-conforming bedroom” look like? When it comes to “For Sale” homes, it could mean a lot of things. At one extreme, a Realtor might list a bedroom as “non-conforming” because the egress window is smaller than allowed by code, or there’s no closet. At...
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“You Know Pickup Trucks Are Getting Super-Sized When . . . “

Deal Breaker?  “You ‘Betcha!” “Garage Door Height” is a relatively new field on MLS — my recollection is that it only goes back 2-3 years. Frankly, I’d always been puzzled why anyone cared. “NOW I Get it” Not anymore. Combine the “super-sizing” of pickup trucks the last few years; older housing stock (typically, in Minneapolis, St....
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“Tax: 1.2 MLS: 1.5”: When .3 Matters . . . A LOT!!

Tax Records vs. MLS I don’t know about other Buyers’ agents, but before I show clients a 1.5 story home — or one that’s billed as a 1.5 story home on MLS — I first check the county tax records. When the county says “1.2 stories,” I know that any upstairs Bedroom is marginal at...
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“More Than 2 Stories?” Sure Looks Like it to Me

You seldom see “More Than Two Stories” as a style on MLS; a quick search showed that less than 3% of all active MLS listings right now have that designation. It’s further the case that when you do see “More Than Two Stories,” the additional increment is usually underwhelming, like .25 or .50 (both associated with...
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