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Markets’ One-Two Punch to Investors, Savers

Three Reasons Investors Are in a Funk Gauging from investors’ current bleak mood, you’d guess that the Dow Jones was down horrifically — to 6,000 or 7,000 or even lower. Instead, while recent volatility has admittedly been through the roof, the Dow has “only” dropped to just below 11,000, as of this morning. That’s less than 15%...
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The Physics of Stocks and Waves

The Demise of Buy-and-Hold? Did you know that waves are an optical illusion (at least to a physicist)? While individual waves move forward — often at a locomotive speed, as in the case of a tsunami — the water molecules in them are actually stationery (more accurately, they move up and down, but end up...
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Residential Housing: How Good a Long-Term Investment?

Pop Quiz Want to test your knowledge of the housing market? Just answer the following question: How good a long-term investment is residential housing? A. Terrific.B. Mediocre, at best.C. Both A. and B. Correct answer: C. Huh? “Mediocre” Camp Like the three blind men (maybe they were economists?) and the elephant, it depends what you...
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