July 8, 2011

Weekend Pop at the Pump

“Attention All Walmart Costco Shoppers!” Looks like gas prices just jumped 15¢ to 20¢ per gallon today. Which means that savvy Costco members head there to fill up — before Costco bumps prices tomorrow (it’s famous for lagging price changes by one day). P.S.:  And yes, it lags price drops as well as price increases.
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The Physics of Stocks and Waves

The Demise of Buy-and-Hold? Did you know that waves are an optical illusion (at least to a physicist)? While individual waves move forward — often at a locomotive speed, as in the case of a tsunami — the water molecules in them are actually stationery (more accurately, they move up and down, but end up...
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“Garage Door Will Be Painted When Weather Permits”

Now?  Is it Warm Enough Now? In a post this Spring titled, “The Strategic Use of ‘Coming Soon!’,” I discussed listing agents who alert prospective Buyers about prospective fixes that will be done when weather permits. The obvious corollary to that post:  such tactics are time-limited. So, informing prospective Buyers that “The Garage Door Will be Painted When...
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Dear Homeowner (and Listing Agent): ‘You’re Welcome!’

Hearing Footsteps I certainly didn’t intend to do my preview at the same time that the prospective Buyer and their inspector were in the home. But that’s how it worked out. Judging by the Buyers’ nervous reaction to my (brief) presence, their inclination to aggressively negotiate any inspection issues is now lessened, if only a little...
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New Name for City Lakes Real Estate Blog In a shameless ploy to goose traffic, I’m hereby announcing an official change in this blog’s URL. Instead of, effective immediately, the new address will be Just kidding (kind of). #1 — With a Bullet After over 2,000 posts spanning almost four years on subjects...
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