listing typo

"Perfect for . . . Neither" (What Does That Leave?)

Real Estate Typo’s “Perfect for owner-occupant nor investors” (sic) –Excerpt from MLS-listed duplex It’s common for a duplex or other multi-family property listing to tout its appeal to either owner-occupants or investors. It’s much less common to see one that says it’s appropriate for . . . neither. P.S.: And this from today’s Star Tribune,...
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"S 53X119X86X129" vs. "553x119x86x129"

Listing Info Typo’s Notice the difference between the two strings of numbers above? (both are lot measurements for a home just listed on MLS). You would if you saw “553 x 119 x 86 x 129” on MLS, and then looked at the line immediately above it, which says that the home is on a...
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