July 27, 2010

"Perfect for . . . Neither" (What Does That Leave?)

Real Estate Typo’s “Perfect for owner-occupant nor investors” (sic) –Excerpt from MLS-listed duplex It’s common for a duplex or other multi-family property listing to tout its appeal to either owner-occupants or investors. It’s much less common to see one that says it’s appropriate for . . . neither. P.S.: And this from today’s Star Tribune,...
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How Much Showing Activity?

One Way to Tell It’s a moot point if your (Buyer) client doesn’t like the home, but if they do, and certainly if they’re mulling an offer, one of the more important pieces of information to glean is, “how much showing activity has there been?” That’s relevant because it tells you how much (if any)...
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Minneapolis’ Hottest Job?

Versus, Say, CoolestWhat is Minneapolis’ hottest job? It’s not restaurateur, Internet app designer, or hospitalist (all hot categories, by the way). No, at least today, the hottest job in Minneapolis — literally — would belong to the trio of masons I saw repairing the brick facade of the Dunn Bros. coffee shop at 34th and...
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