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“Student-Athlete,” “Realtor-Blogger,” and Other Oxymorons

Fake News vs. Fake Blogs “Those who know, don’t talk; those who talk, don’t know.” –Wall Street saying. “Those who sell, don’t blog; those who blog, don’t sell.” –Real estate corollary. Yeah, yeah, I know the knock on Realtor-bloggers (Exhibit A: yours truly): they — we –don’t actually sell real estate (or at least, not...
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Real vs. Faux Blogs: The Difference Between “Blogging” and “HAVING a Blog”

“Student-Athlete,” “Realtor-Blogger,” and Other Oxymorons What’s the difference between “blogging” and “HAVING a blog?” Only the first term is a verb (synonym for “writing”). So, unbeknownst to most consumers, the vast majority of Realtor blogs out there — I’d guess over 90% — actually consist of syndicated content that agents license and republish for a...
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