level playing field

MLS Increases TNAS Fine From $100 to $1,000

Trying to Keep the Playing Field Level “As you are no doubt aware, allowing a showing on your listing while it is in TNAS (Temporarily Not Available for Showing) status is a NorthstarMLS rule violation. We have changed the fine for this violation to the List Agent from $100 to $1,000. This reflects its more...
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The Surprise About Earnings Surprises @ Google, Apple, Amazon, etc.

$50 Billion(!) Surges & Swoons — in One Stock! The big surprise about this quarter’s earnings surprises? They’re actually a surprise. And how do you know that? By the mammoth moves — both up and down — in the stocks of companies announcing those earnings immediately afterwards. If you’re not keeping score, here’s the roster...
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Multiple Offers . . . in Progress

“Hmm, I Wonder Where That Lockbox Key Went??” An interesting little contest is shaping up over a certain Twin Cities foreclosure that came on the market yesterday for 50% of its tax assessed value. I am withholding the address because I have a client interested in buying it, but here’s the background: A saved search...
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