July 23, 2015

The Surprise About Earnings Surprises @ Google, Apple, Amazon, etc.

$50 Billion(!) Surges & Swoons — in One Stock! The big surprise about this quarter’s earnings surprises? They’re actually a surprise. And how do you know that? By the mammoth moves — both up and down — in the stocks of companies announcing those earnings immediately afterwards. If you’re not keeping score, here’s the roster...
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Taking Would-Be Sellers on a Tour of Competing Homes? Bad Idea

When Subjectivity Isn’t Just Superficial “If the Comp’s aren’t convincing enough, Realtor “Jane Doe” will take Sellers on tours of comparable properties.  “They can see this other house is in much better condition, and it’s priced $20,000 less than theirs.  It’s eye-opening.” –Spokane agent, sharing her strategy for working with unrealistic Sellers in “Setting Them Straight”; Realtor Magazine...
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What’s the Opposite of “Privatize?”

One Man’s Revenues & Profits = Another Man’s Expenses & Taxes If selling off a publicly-owned entity to the private sector is known as “privatizing,” doesn’t it stand to reason that when government takes over a private company, it should be known as “publicizing?” Apparently not: “In Boulder, Colo., climate-change activists have helped win two major...
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