Kaplan household

Two Sons — and a Dog — Who Like to Sleep In

Champion Sleeper in Kaplan Household?  Call it a Tie Surprise, surprise, my two sons — ages 15 and 12 — both like to sleep in on weekends (and any other time, for that matter). The family Golden Retriever, Raffy, does too. So, which family member is the champion Kaplan “sleeper-inner?” Door #1 vs. Door #2...
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Potty Humor

“Let me get back to you on that” With three kids under 10 years old (including 2 boys), potty humor is very much in vogue in the Kaplan household (in fact, it may be the only kind of humor). In that vein, a member of my household (not me) asked, non-rhetorically, whether it really shouldn’t...
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