Janine Benyus

Closing in on the Dream of “Biomimicry”

Nature’s High Tech Factories “Natural organisms have managed to do everything we want to do without guzzling fossil fuels, polluting the planet or mortgaging the future.” –Janine Benyus, “Biomimcry” (1997) In her 1997 book, biologist Janine Benyus speculated about a world where human manufacturers would unlock the secrets of spider silk and abalone shells to...
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Sunflower Skyscraper

Six Weeks to Go Grow No, we don’t need a ladder (yet) to reach the top of our backyard sunflower (I grabbed the photo at right from the web). But at 9 feet tall and with at least another six weeks to grow, we certainly appear to have a monster on our hands! Interestingly, whatever seems to...
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