Six Weeks to Go Grow

No, we don’t need a ladder (yet) to reach the top of our backyard sunflower (I grabbed the photo at right from the web).

But at 9 feet tall and with at least another six weeks to grow, we certainly appear to have a monster on our hands!

Interestingly, whatever seems to be nourishing our sunflowers appears to be having the exact opposite effect on our tomatoes, which are struggling this year.

P.S.:  One of my favorite books is “Biomimcry” by Janine Benyus, which examines how nature “manufactures” materials — for example, spider’s silk — that, pound for pound, are stronger and more supple than their man-made counterpart (tempered steel), with a fraction of their energy inputs and waste.

What sort of “elevator system” do you suppose a  sunflower uses to move water and nutrients up and down?

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