August 8, 2011

Minnesota State Shut-Down After Effects

For the most part, there are no residual after effects in the wake of Minnesota’s almost two week government shutdown last month. For the most part. One exception (I’m sure there are others):  several out-of-commission elevators in a condo building where I have an active listing. The elevators were all upgraded weeks ago, and work fine....
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Sunflower Skyscraper

Six Weeks to Go Grow No, we don’t need a ladder (yet) to reach the top of our backyard sunflower (I grabbed the photo at right from the web). But at 9 feet tall and with at least another six weeks to grow, we certainly appear to have a monster on our hands! Interestingly, whatever seems to...
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Monday Markets: Bungee Jump or Pogo Stick?

Take a weekend of pent-up selling demand (courtesy of S&P’s U.S. debt downgrade Friday night), ugly overseas markets, and more weak economic data, and what do you get? A steep, opening drop in U.S. stock prices. The remaining questions:  1) how much are they going to gyrate before prices stabilize?; and 2) what step(s) will authorities (the...
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Who’s the Best Realtor?

My Favorite Real Estate Movie My favorite real estate movie, “Groundhog Day” (1993), actually isn’t even about real estate. It’s a romantic comedy in which the suitor, played by Bill Murray, gets to perfect his courting strategy — courtesy of a time loop that causes him to relive the same day, over and over. After various setbacks, his...
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