When Comfort Food Doesn’t Cut It

Is There Such a Thing as “Solace Food??” Never mind comfort food. Whether it’s the local weather (cold, wet, and dark); the drumbeat of incessantly negative news (Pittsburgh synagogue massacre, mail bombs, immigrant caravans, etc.); or just unrelenting 24/7 Trump, the Kaplan household is lately craving something more . . . potent. Call it, “solace food.”...
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Use the Bathroom Already. Please!

Practicing Gender Diversity in the Restroom Oh, to go back to a simpler, more innocent time — like three(?) years ago — when bathroom gender battles occupied the nation’s spare moments. You know, not subjects like border walls, Trump tweets, environmental plundering, and Russian collusion. So, who should be able to use public bathrooms? Correct...
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The Last School Shooting

Honoring the Parkland Dead:  3 Steps to Ending Gun Violence in America “I’m calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.” –President Donald J. Trump (December 7, 2015). If it makes sense to “totally and completely shut...
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Jeremy Grantham, Black Holes & Brexit

Negative Interest Rates as “Black Hole Experiment” If somebody else thinks what you think, you can’t be crazy, right? Explanation #2:  you’re both suffering from exactly the same malady. Either way, it’s reassuring to read famed investor Jeremy Grantham’s latest thoughts on today’s bizarro world of negative interest rates and inflated asset prices, courtesy of...
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“Real” vs. “Nominal” Numbers, Housing Market Edition

Putting Today’s Record Low Housing Inventory in Context Economists distinguish between “real” and “nominal” numbers. So, someone who made $40,000 in 1989 (25 years ago) and now makes $60,00 would certainly appear to be better off. But they’re not. The reason:  prices have doubled since then, which means that — to have simply kept pace...
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