“The (Data) Elephant That Got Vacuumed Up Into the iCloud”

That Synching Feeling, Indeed In a post last month titled, “iCloudy,” I discussed one of the two main risks associated with transferring (and entrusting) your digital life to the iCloud. Namely, that it won’t work exactly as advertised. Or at all. Synching Feeling Especially if you’re an independent contractor like me straddling multiple software platforms, learning to successfully synch...
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“iCloudy”: Struggling With Apple’s Cloud-Based Data Storage

 At the risk of adding to an already too long list of i-puns, I’ve got one more:  “iCloudy.” In theory, Apple’s cloud-based data storage system (and successor to problem-plagued MobileMe) represents the Holy Grail of  “whenever, wherever” access to personal data. In practice, well . . . . After two weeks — and multiple trips...
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