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Stock Picks and Pans for a Rocky Market

The “X Factor”:  Exposure to China Me-thinks an instant investing line has popped up in the wake of unprecedented stock market volatility the last 2 weeks:  the way to play this market going forward is to suss out individual companies’ China exposure. In a nutshell, here’s the thesis: Lots of China exposure = bad. Minimal...
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Too-Few New Homes & The Capacity Constraint

Waiting for Supply to Catch Up to Demand According to Pat Hamill, chief executive of Oakwood Homes, it will likely take several more years before builders have the capacity to fully meet demand.  “We lost a lot of builders, lost of a lot of trade contractors.  We lost a lot of people to other industries,”...
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How Home Builders Get Realtors’ Attention

But Watch Out For That Clawback Provision If you want to get the attention of Buyers’ agents, offer to pay them more. Or faster. That’s the strategy of at least one local (Golden Valley) builder, whose yet-to-be built new construction homes are listed on MLS now, but won’t be ready for occupancy until closer to...
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