General Mills

New Architectural Wonder (not on the Manhattan skyline — in the cereal aisle)

Sliver-Thin Package The sleek lines, the soaring height, the dramatic coloring ” all fused onto a rectangular shape so thin it was hard to believe that it could actually stand up (in fact, the shape evoked nothing so much as a flat panel TV). The latest, sun-blocking addition to the Manhattan skyline? Try, General Mills’...
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“Naan of the Above”

“We Know What You Meant” Dept. I know what the marketing agency behind 7-Up’s “Uncola” campaign would do with naan (a type of flat bread):  position it as an alternative to bagels or toast, and pitch it for breakfast. The tag line? “Have a naan-Breakfast!” You’re welcome, General Mills. See also, “You’re . . . You’re...
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Food Revelations & Backhanded Testimonials

My household doesn’t eat ham or bacon, because we avoid eating pig products, which Jewish dietary laws prohibit. But we take some liberties when we eat out, like this morning. So, biting into (apparently) his first piece of real bacon, my 9 nine year-old son excitedly pronounced, “It tastes like Baco’s!” General Mills, owner of...
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Today’s Stock Market

Did you know that General Mills’ stock went up more than $1 today? And yes, I’m aware that that’s not the news headline. If you’re like most people . . . probably better not to look.
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