FSBO mistake

(More) FSBO Mistakes

Is Anyone Home?  Anyone?? As I’ve noted from time to time, For Sale By Owners (“FSBO’s”) are prone to multiple mistakes, any one of which can easily negate (or worse) any money such Sellers hope to save on commission. See, “FSBO Mistake #1 (and #2, #3, etc.)”; “FSBO Mistake #4“; “FSBO Mistake #37.” Along with the...
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Listing Agent Mistakes #6 and #7

Copying Goldilocks I’ve written previously about the various mistakes that I’ve seen amateurs make.  See, “FSBO Mistake #1 (and #2, #3, etc.)”; “FSBO Mistake #4“; “FSBO Mistake #37.” Does that mean the pro’s — professional Realtors — are perfect? Hardly. It’s just that their mistakes tend to be more subtle (and presumably, fewer).  See, “Jumping...
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FSBO Mistake #1 (and #2, #3, etc.)

Asking Price:  $475,000 (“Yeah, Right!”) I’ve previously documented examples of FSBO (“For Sale by Owner”) mistakes. See, “FSBO Mistake #4“; “FSBO Mistake #37.” So, what’s FSBO mistake #1 (and #2 and #3)? Mispricing (want to guess which direction?). Latest Example Exhibit A would be this 1 1/2 story home a few blocks east of Lake...
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Faux FSBO’s

Free Coaching? In a market where even the real estate pro’s are finding it tough, I see a lot fewer For Sale By Owner’s (“FSBO’s”). From perhaps 12% of the market at the peak five or so years ago, I’d guessimate that percentage is down 50%, to about 6% today. What can be said of that...
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Turkey’s and FSBO’s: Practice Makes Perfect

51 Weeks to Thanksgiving, 2011! Working off what seems like a couple tons of Thanksgiving leftovers, it occurs to me that novice Turkey preparers like myself and FSBO’s (“For Sale by Owner’s”) have a lot in common. Namely, we’re not any good because we do it so seldom. “Wait Till Next Year” Fresh off my...
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Classic FSBO Mistakes

FSBO Mistake #4: Not Proofing the Listing on MLS If you try to fix your own plumbing and screw it up, it might cost you, at most, a thousand bucks or so and a weekend of your time (for clean-up, calling plumbers, etc.) Ditto if you botch fixing your own car. However, if you try...
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