High Temp in Twin Cities Today: 18° (Never Mind the Wind Chill)

At least to me, there are two things that are depressing about a high temp of 18° locally today, in what the calendar says is still officially mid-Fall: 1) the high temperature today was eighteen #$!&!% degrees; and 2) somehow, that merely ties the Twin Cities record for November 11 (gives you a sense of...
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THERE It Is! Bone-Chilling Arctic Temps — But Not Snow — Finally Arrive in Twin Cities

January 2019 Thaw Comes to an Abrupt End In case you can’t read the fine print in the photo above, the next time the temperature in the Twin Cities is supposed to reach double digits (as in, 10° or warmer) is early February, more than 10 days(!) away. And that’s air temperature, not windchill. As...
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I Know Why That Upper Lip is Stiff (It’s Frozen!)

Stoic Minnesotans, Mid-Fall 2018 Edition What do Minnesotans say when overnight low’s — in mid-November! — drop into the single digits? (never mind that the windchill Friday night was below zero). No, not “OMG, it’s #@%$# cold!!” Try, “It’s getting kinda  . . . chilly out there” (yup, “chilly”). That’s it. If that seems crazy to...
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High Temp of -2 Degrees? Time for Ice Cream! (Of Course)

Sebastian Joe’s Cold Weather Discount Honestly, after three (four? five?) months of cold (weather), I’d simply prefer that . .  it wasn’t. However, there are some saving graces associated with ongoing, frigid temps in the Twin Cities. Like, cheap(er) ice cream at local favorite Sebastian Joe’s. As the thermometer drops, Sebastian Joe’s ratchets up its...
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