Frank Bruni

“Captain Fantastic”: So THAT’S How to Get Your Kid Into Harvard (& Stanford, Yale, Princeton, etc.)

Home Schooling — When “Home” is Somewhere in the Cascade Mountains I guarantee that — at least for a few overweening parents of pre-college kids —  the Ivy League admission “royal flush” scored by the 17 year-old son** in the indie film “Captain Fantastic” will be the takeaway from the provocative and occasionally inspiring movie....
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“Personal Frequencies”

“Different (Key)strokes for Different Folks” Once upon a time, two ham radio operators who wanted to communicate with one another had to first agree on a frequency.  More recently, someone who wanted to use their 300 or 1200(!) baud modem to get on the Internet had to do a “handshake” with the connecting service. How...
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