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Determining the Discount (Premium??) for Homes Located Across From a School

Key Variables: Type of School, Buyer Characteristics Homes on busy streets typically fetch a discount. Is there an equivalent discount for homes located across from a school? (which, in a way, is really just a subset of “busy street” — call it, an “intermittently busy street”). I’ve never seen formal data on this, but I’d guess...
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When Prospective Home Sellers Should Spend Money on a New Driveway ” & When They Shouldn’t

Cost: More Than a Furnace, Less than a Roof (Usually) One of the biggest stealth expenses for homeowners is a new driveway. Depending on the driveway’s size and construction material (concrete vs. asphalt), the cost can easily exceed $10k. When should would-be home Sellers contemplate replacing it?** The Consistency Criterion; Eliminating Any Achilles Heels My 2¢:...
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Staging Inside, Outside, and Poolside (Poolside??)

Universal Staging Principles How do you stage an outdoor, in-ground swimming pool in the backyard of a “For Sale” home? The same way you stage anything else: by adding accents, focal points, and color ” and removing clutter. For an outdoor pool, that means opening up any poolside umbrellas, arranging nearby lawn chairs, and throwing...
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Why Is it Called a “Knockdown” Ceiling?

Everything You Wanted to Know About Ceiling Finishes As best I can tell, the reason it’s called a “knockdown ceiling” is because calling it a “knock-off ceiling” would have been too confusing. What gets knocked off ” er, knocked down ” is the joint compound that’s first applied to the ceiling, and allowed to partially...
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How Much of a Discount for No Central A/C?

Answer: It Depends on the Buyer ” and the House* It may be a surprise to people who associate Minnesota with year-round Arctic cold, but summers here ” while admittedly not long ” can be hot and VERY sticky. Hence the locals’ preference for central air conditioning. Which raises the question: if a home lacks...
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The $394,727.89 House (Huh?!?)

Consumer Psychology and the Too-Precise Price When you see an oddly-priced “For Sale” home, there are two possible explanations (at least in my experience selling residential real estate): One. Drawing Attention. The way to stand out from homes listed at $389,900, $399,900, etc. is to price at $398,731 or some such (I haven’t seen a home...
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